Real-Issue: Is Morality!

REAL-ISSUE: Is Morality.

The “real issue” is not the separation between Church and State, but between “Christian Morality and the Politically Correct Morality.” There was no conflict between Church and State while they agreed on Judeo-Christian morals. But when godless people, parading as Christians, got into the political driver’s seat and used the legal system to redefine morality, the conflict erupted. Christian morality was in their way. It interfered with their greed, pleasure and power.

It is the Biblical Law that defines sin (Romans 3:20; 7:7). Without the Biblical Law, sin has no perimeter (Romans 5;13). In fact, the Ten Commandments restrict the sinner what he or she can and cannot do. By the way, we are all sinners in the eyes of the Creator and subject to His Laws (Romans 3:23; Matthew 5:17-20). It is not just the secular society that has abandoned Biblical morality, but misled Christians have given cause to the idea that under Grace the old covenant is no longer in use. They assume that Grace has a far larger perimeter than the Law. But “grace” is God’s pardon to those who revert from their evil ways and who obey God’s Law (Romans 2:12-16; Mark 10:17-21). To break God’s Law is the same as blaspheming God (Romans 2: 24; James 2:8-13). And to disregard Jesus’ Teaching is the same as dishonoring God for He sent His Son into the world (John 5:22-30).

The belief that the Judeo-Christian morality motivated the founders of this nation is true. Only they hung it on hinges like a door that could not be closed completely. The founders did not shut the door on sin. They allowed slavery, ill treatment of Native American, and the treatment of women. There were not to be any Roman Catholic Presidents or any others that were not related to the Puritans or perhaps some Pilgrims. Slowly but surely the new leaders felt hemmed in by the Biblical morality and kept opening the door completely and began expelling God, Jesus, and the Ten Commandments. Now sin is hitting, not just this nation, but many others with the force of an avalanche or a tornado. When a nation is more concerned with a handful of terrorist or a few swine flue cases than with millions of abortions and an alternative lifestyle that produces no offspring then the end is at hand. When God abandons a nation or a leader the inscription reads, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin.” God has numbered our days and set a termination date. God has weighed us and we fell far short. And another nation or culture shall replace ours (Daniel 5:22-3; Matthew 21:43). Could this happen to us? It is more than budding.