Does Evil Prosper?


Evil (Satan) has no source of income. It steals from God who is good (Mk.10: 18). God has set the sun to shine over the good and the bad (Mt.5: 45). Only man is capable of discerning between good and evil (Gen.3: 22). When Satan, the source of evil, was cast out of heaven (Rev.12: 9), he took command of the world (Lk.4: 5-7). He always sets up his headquarters near Christians (Rev.2: 13). The devil has children called evildoers and they prosper under the umbrella of goodness (Jn.8: 44; Mt.7: 23).

It is disturbing when evildoers prosper and when God’s people envy them. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it (Ps.24: 1; Ex.9: 29). God put Adam in charge (Gen.1: 26-28); but man yielded leadership to the devil by disobeying God and because of it lost control of the world (Gen.3: 1-24). With evil being in charge, evildoers prosper (Mal.3: 15). The wicked become wealthy by treachery (Jer.12: 1; Job.12: 6). They do not live by God’s laws (Ps.10: 5). It is very tempting to envy their prosperity (Ps.73: 3). But please, do not envy their end or destination (Ps.73: 17). For that is all the wicked shall ever have and then they may not even be allowed to enjoy it in this life (Lk.12: 20). There is an everlasting difference between laying up treasures on earth and treasures in heaven (Mt.6: 19-21).

The children of the world are more clever and shrewder than the children of light (Lk.16: 8). Jesus’ advice to his messengers on the road for Him was, “be wise as serpents and innocent like doves” (Mt.10: 16). Unfortunately, like Eve, we are still being trapped by Satan’s designs (I Tim.5: 15). Satan is on the loose, a roaring lion ready to devour (Rev.20: 7; I Pe.5: 8). He begins with intimidation before he persecutes. He can have our bodies only and not our souls (I Cor.5: 5). While we are in the body, Satan will assault us. He wants our bodies so he can hurt our spirits. He even dared to desire the body of Moses (Jude 1: 9). He tempted our Lord with fame and prosperity (Mt.4: 4-10). Jesus warned us that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (Mk.14: 38). Satan wants to sift us, but our Lord Jesus intercedes for us (Lk.22: 31; I Jn.2: 1-2).

Satan knows that his time is short (Rev.12: 12). He shall make life for Christians so difficult that the Lord shall shorten their days so that they survive (Mt.24: 21-25). If material things occupy us more than God’s kingdom, then we do have a serious problem (Mt.6: 33).