It is the inherent ability in us to bounce back and recover from what is humanly possible and lead our life in a totally different direction. John offered the following, “Children, with God in you, you have already overcome; for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (I John 4:4; Greek).

To me, John is saying that being in God’s care, God has preprogrammed me to overcome my difficulties. He has placed enough energy within me to come back even from near death. At twenty-one, I was in a fire that took eighteen months to repair me. It shall be thirteen years that I was told that I could not be cured of cancer. From a medical perspective, I should have died twice; however, the Lord quickened me by His loving kindness, so that I could keep and proclaim His words (Psalm 119:88). I am one of the fortunate whose life has been extended more than once. The Lord has done that from time to time. He added fifteen years to Hezekiah’s life (II Kings 20:6).

The other thing that I learned is that resilience can be latent in us. God has endowed us with enough ability that if one function becomes disabled, we can retrain and succeed in another completely different field. When the accident cut me off from farming, I discovered that I had the ability to be a minister. At that time, I was an immigrant with no knowledge of English and with a grade seven German and Polish education. My Compensation Board Counselor remarked, “It cannot be done. But if you can qualify for the university, we will pay for your College.” I did that in two years.

Please, do not presume that God will deal with you as He has with me. Our reasons for being here differ. The way that has been laid out for us is not always easy or clear. I for one would not want to endure another fire or cancer. Of course, I do not know what I still have to face. The Lord has promised that if things become too difficult then He would shorten our suffering (Matthew 24:22). Some times, suffering prolongs until we have made peace with each other and with God. And that is where resilience is so necessary. Like the thief that died with Jesus, we should use our last energy to make peace with God (Luke 23:40-43).