Are we getting tired of this endless harping on how bad things are? Is there no more goodness anywhere in this once magnificent land? Have our leaders past and present been that bad? Are they really responsible for the conditions we have managed to put ourselves in? And are our conditions intolerable? Just look who is complaining and who is being bailed out?

I come from a part of the world where we lost everything, including some lives. It was my desire to reach Canada and the U.S.A. When I arrived, I felt I had reached “heaven on earth.” I came with nothing and still was permitted to become whatever I set my mind to. No one interfered, persecuted or imprisoned me for speaking my mind. I was even encouraged to become a citizen and vote for my representatives. Unfortunately, I did not always vote wisely. Nevertheless, I was immersed in goodness. Like the Bible states: “Goodness and mercy have followed me everywhere” (Psalm 23:6). I was blessed being busy and not listening to the news people that spin bad yarn.

I left the old world because it was harsh and unfair with me. Why don’t you that feel so unhappy and hurt in this world move where you shall be received with open arms and enjoy their heaven on earth. Only, before you go, leave all your money, possessions and valuables here and then see how they shall receive you? I do not think these wonderful and better nations will allow you to stay. In case they do, to make the U.S.A. look bad, you will no longer dare to criticize your adopted country’s leaders. Make certain to move to a nation where religion may not take your head.

Too many of our people are pushing their luck. I see a similarity wit Adam in Paradise. He too pushed his luck and ended up being expelled from Paradise. We have a government now that pushes hard to bring my old world to the U.S.A. Please, do not ruin our Paradise! Save it for our children and grandchildren. It is still, amidst difficulties, filled with goodness.