Others or Me?

During the last few weeks, I fell frequently and had to use the support of a cane. I became attached and dependent on the cane. It also required all my concentration and limited my output. The cane was helpful but also habit forming. It also drew attention and sympathetic friends and even strangers were ready to assist me. I became apprehensive and it gave we something to think about for the New Year.

Symbolically, there is a moral application. We do use others, politics and even religion as crutches.  Instead of earning and even creating our keep, we depend on others. And if things do not go our way we blame them for our failures. Remember Adam and Eve blaming each other? At least they stayed together.  We do worse by finding another cane to lean on. We end up with a closet full of canes. Particularly in politics, we crave for a new and flashy cane that shall lift us out of our misery. In case you think I do not know what I am talking about then take my example. I was disabled at 21 and with the help of others (a few canes), I corrected and adjusted my life and became productive. We must stop demanding that the country does something for us and start doing something for the country. Let us face the fact that we are the country.

My real gripe is with religion being used as a crutch or cane. It is not just with those that use it to justify their action and behavior like abortion, sex perversion and outright killing; but also with those that do not make a move without the Lord telling them to do so. I believe with all my heart that the Lord inspires me to challenge everyone. His Bible has given us all the guidelines we need. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the Lord will do anything for me that I should be doing. We must stop harping what the Lord has done and do something we can take credit for. What is it that we are doing or have done that shall earn us His commendation (Matthew 25:21-23)? Let us begin the New Year by getting off the religious cane or crutch.