The question by a Spanish writer, “Did Europe die in Auschwitz?” Europe died when it rejected the Laws of the God of the Bible and began to follow Karl Marx. We are experiencing a similar trend in the Americas.

Auschwitz existed before Hitler invaded Poland. My people experienced Auschwitz. Poles hauled my people into torture camps and trampled to death my father’s friend in prison. And I saw Poles beat up on Jews. Hitler had Dachau and Buchenwald. In Dachau, the first to die were nearly 3000 clergy that were recorded, then noted politicians and thirdly Jews. Hitler was an Anti-Christ’s hatchet man and so was Stalin.

Jews have contributed to the well-being and welfare of humanity. But they also have contributed to Karl Marx and to Adolf Hitler. Hitler was no German. His mother was a Bohemian Jewess and his father an Austrian. Hitler hated his people for rejecting his mother and him. The Jewish people have a unique history because God, the Creator, had a special purpose for them in the world. They became the “Apple of God’s Eye” and the “Chosen People.” With that chip on their shoulders, they abandoned the Laws of their God and began to take advantage of the gentiles. They plundered the Egyptians on the day they departed slavery (Exodus 12:36). In Poland, during harvest time, Jewish merchants lined up as the farmers brought in their crops. The first merchant offered fifty pennies, the second 45 pennies, then 40 pennies down to 5 pennies. The farmers dumped their produce and promised revenge.

Jesus came to restore the Law, particularly the one that was against taking advantage of the alien. Only those that did God’s Will were his brothers and sisters (Mark 3:35). When Jesus was rejected, the Jews lost their status and turned over their heritage to the gentiles that accept Jesus as the Christ (Matthew 21:33-44). It is incomprehensible that many Christians keep on supporting a Jewish kingdom when Jewish politicians do very little to defend Christianity. Without Jesus, the Christ, there is no redemption and the world keeps on committing suicide and Spain is merely reaping what it sowed. This is not just my opinion; I too have lived in fear of Auschwitz and I did visit Dachau.