The claim that Marx and Engel were the fathers of socialism or communism is debatable. From the inception of human government, history and even the Bible is filled with occurrences where people at the bottom moved to the top by the process of elimination. In my lifetime, I have witnessed this procedure in Germany, Poland, and Russia where I once lived. Marx was against a capitalism that manipulated the common people. He believed that the masses could govern themselves and share in their labors and profits. His attack was directed against the wealthy nobles and rich industrialists. He actually tried to avoid a repetition of the bloody revolution in France. Unfortunately, Marx and Engel did not believe the Bible that all men are not just sinful but very greedy.

The revolution did not begin in the industrial cities but in the country where the serves revolted against their masters. The unpaid soldiers of World War One joined the ranks of the masses and leaders competed against each other for the highest position. When it was all over, Stalin emerged as the savior of Russia and the Slavic people. In the process, seventy million died, my father-in-law was one of them. Instead of dividing the land of the nobles for the people, the state became the sole owner of everything. Everybody was working for and being paid by the state. Before the people had a Czar and now they had a Tovarish (Comrade) with more power than the Czar ever had. The new Czar, Comrade Stalin, surrounded himself by servants with powerful weapons and they became the Capitalists of Communist Russia. At the end, it was a middle aged feudal system on a much larger scale.

Capitalists took serious notice of the spread of communism. They had to out smart the movement by becoming more generous with the people on the bottom. They allowed labor to organize and make deals with their employers. They loaned them money to afford homes, cars and even luxury items. They elevated them to second-class citizenry. Then they turned around and taxed them on their salaries, properties, cars and everything to maintain a government. Also, these taxpayers would also pay for the unemployed or dependent on welfare. Gradually, even small pensioners shall pay to insure the uninsured. This should not surprise us. The truth is that we have had communist at work since F.D.R., but it was reversed, from the top down and not from the bottom up like in Russia.

What has happened? Population control, like the loss of 50,000,000 babies, has shrunk the tax-base. High union wages are driving Capitalists to move their manufacturing elsewhere. People employed by the government earn twice and three times as much as the average person in the labor market. Deception is used to blame the rich for the disparity. In reality, the people that use the deception are the rich politicians diverting attention from them selves. The huge amounts of money they spent to be re-elected is evidence of their wealth and support. If that money were used to help people back on their feet many small business would broaden the tax-base and return this nation to prosperity. Unfortunately, that concept is contrary to American progressive socialists. Our wealthy socialists cannot afford to let the public in on their secret. To enhance their notoriety and pockets, they must ensure that the majority of the public keeps on endorsing them.

We have reached a point where too many depend on too few that still can pay the bills for progressive socialism. History has taught us that there are only two solutions. One is chaos or a revolution. The other is when smart communists help the little man become independent like in China. Here, the Republicans show a little more common sense than the Democrats. Please do not expect a miracle from the Independents. They too have tasted the greed for self-advancement and the nation is too indebted to survive. It is my opinion that our progressive socialist wealthy politicians have already found places in the sun where they shall be safe from the hand of justice. Friend, I have already lived under similar conditions with similar results. No, I am not dreaming; but you are sleeping. When you awake, you shall be in a nightmare.