It is a fact: The First Amendment of the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law on establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof….”

Yes, it allows us to keep politics and religion apart, but it does not allow politics to interfere and curtail Christian convictions, laws, morals, and symbols from their public life. Progressive politically correct lawmakers do not dare to do to Muslims what they have done and are doing to the Christians.

We need to be reminded that the Fathers of the Framers of the Constitution came to these shores to escape religious persecution. Jefferson, in a letter, assured the Baptist in Connecticut that Government would not interfere with their beliefs and practices. This applied to all the Thirteen Colonies that were not of one persuasion otherwise there would be no U.S.A. The guarantee of religious freedom has brought many to these shores. I too belong to a people that were religiously persecuted by a lager religious denomination and came here for that same reason. The Polish Government, before 1939 did not interfere with our religion. The Nazis and Soviets did.

The consequences of interfering with religion shall be costly for America and her allies at home and abroad. It will divide and weaken the nations at home and bankrupt them fighting a religious Muslim war. Our President knows that Al’Qaeda (The Base) and the Taliban (Mujahedin Soldiers) are not terrorists; but, religious movements within Islam. The movements are an attempt to return to Basic Islamic teaching and to a strict Shari’a Law. When America interfered, it was bombed. The removal of Sadam Hussain, the mortal enemy of the Shi’ites, was a blunder for the this President who has a Sunni background. In the President’s hidden agenda, the Sunni laws (Shari’a law) are Islam’s best system for a one-world order. With the help of the Western military and aid, Sunni Islam endeavors to emerge as a dominant world religion. Unfortunately, as well as fortunately, the Western nations do not have sufficient resources to sustain the Sunni agenda. Some nations have already refused to engage their armies in combat. Britain and the U.S.A. are shedding the blood of young lives and deplete their resources.

Meanwhile critics attack Marxist decoys, the President has surrounded himself with. It is like standing in front of a tree and not seeing the forest. With sixty percent of the voters not paying taxes but receiving public aid, the President’s hidden agenda is on target. According to Revelation 17: 17, the religious enemy of Christianity shall succeed in the land of the eagle (U.S.A.). This enemy has no problem in making a mockery of our Constitution and our Laws. The president promised that he would not have the U.S.A. war against Sunni Islam, but he has no scruples in shedding American blood against the other factions in Islam. Should it not raise an eyebrow? Why does he not bring home our troops? It is not our war.