The first Christians tried the collective way. Things went well as long as their savings carried them. Then the wealthy converts sold their properties and sustained the movement for a short time. It all ended in failure and the Good Lord used Herod the king to disperse the group (Acts 4:32-35). In our time, the Soviet Union began taking from the wealthy and then from everybody until it died on the vine. Others like China has learned to encourage her people to plant new vine so that the supply shall continue. It is a form of semi-capitalism. However, the state still owes and manages most of it.

President Obama uses frequently the appealing slogan “Collective Salvation.” For him there is no personal salvation apart from collective salvation. It is almost as if he were another Christ (Matthew 24: 5). It is a deception. It has nothing to do with reforming an individual so that he becomes a better citizen, but it is an attempt to equalize wealth. It is the idea that the rich are rich enough to feed all the disadvantaged. Good luck, Mr. President. You and your rich comrades will take your wealth elsewhere and the rest of us shall be stuck with the bill. Ultimately, we shall die on the vine. Is it not what you are hoping will happen to this once Christian land, Mr. President?

I keep having these nightmares that we are being taken over by a rigid religious collective system. Islam is a collective totalitarian system that only accepts and tolerates those that submit to its laws and leaders. The rest of us shall be carriers of water and choppers of wood. This male dominating religion shall require females and some male servants. Unfortunately, we no longer have a Charlemagne or a Prince Eugene to stem the Muslim tide. Of course, we all hope that Obama can modernize Islam so that we can become neighbors and rub shoulders. The Bible does predict a time when the lamb and the wolf shall live side by side (Isaiah 11:6). How long do we think a wolf can starve?

Collective salvation is at odds with personal salvation. The latter emphasizes the value of the individual or his soul (Matthew 16:26). In the former, the state or government is everything. The people are duped into believing that they are everything and equal. If they are why then did the Bolsheviks eliminate all the wealthy and even those that had jobs so they could give it to their party members? My father-in-law lost his life over a job. What great job did he have? He tended horses on a collective farm. My step-father-in-law raised more wheat on forty acres than the entire community. He was arrested for sabotage and managed to escape to the West. He had refused to join the collective system. If we fail to save the individual, we shall never save society. This was the message of Jesus to Nicodemus, a leader of the people (John 3:10).