The “sin of omission” is when we know we ought to do what is right and do not do it (James 4:17). To me, it means what Jesus demanded, “Let your light shine, do not hide it” (Matthew 5:14-16). Instead, we are in the world, but not of it (John 15:19). The misunderstanding of our role in the world has been detrimental.

Our people settled in Eastern Europe. For religious reasons, we kept to ourselves and did not participate in politics. We had no voice in public affairs. When World War II began, the government immediately began to regard us as enemies and we were persecuted. The News Media did not report about us because their friends were committing crimes against innocent people. Our people had committed the sin of omission by not establishing a relationship with the state. They believed that the Lord would take them away before our tribulation began. He did shorten some of their days by death. Some of our relatives and friends were among them.

Evangelical Christians in America are guilty of the same “sin of omission.” Instead of fighting for what is right and for strong voices in government, they have retreated behind the wall of separation of religion from the state. They have abdicated from their responsibility and resigned themselves to a rapture that shall precede the Great Tribulation. Should they have to face that horrible time then God will shorten their days. It is true that the Bible speaks of such hope, but it is not in our ability to force God to adjust His schedule to ours. No other nation on earth was given a better chance to be a light of the world and we have allowed our light to be extinguished. Even in-doors our lights are flickering.

It is scary, but true that there are end-signs staring at us. But before we hit the sky, we need to consult “Jesus’ Final Message” and the Book of Revelation. Amidst all the imagery, we have a very clear view of His Church suffering severely at the hands of the forces of the beast and anti-Christ. One-third of humanity shall be wiped off the face of the earth. Palestine is way too small to accommodate the dead. North America is more suitable for such a feat. Instead of people being rescued, they shall long for death to come and it will not. The name of Jesus shall be hated and so shall His followers. No one, not even the news media, shall defend Christians. Particularly, Bible adhering followers shall be labeled as extremists and hostile to the state. Unfortunately, this group of Evangelicals has done an exceptional job in remaining aloof from secular engagements. We have become experts in the “art of omission.”

We cannot take all the blame. Our founders were just as guilty. They took it for granted that the Teachings of Jesus and the Biblical Laws would always govern this nation. Assumption is also a “sin of omission.” Omission is a repetition of the farmer that went to sleep after he had sowed his wheat. While he slept, the weeds took control. He cannot pull the weeds for pulling the wheat. Now, a higher power shall do the separating of the wheat from the weeds (Matthew 13:24-30). No further assumption is needed.