Can We Survive?


We are class conscious. It is not based on character or education but on what we can afford financially. We have the rich, then those that earn below $250,000 and those that survive on handouts. Mathematically we have 5% wealthy, 45% wage earners or income producers and 50% that do not earn or receive enough income to pay taxes. For the convenience of socialistic endeavors, 95% of the people are regarded as middle-class. Those of us that are at the bottom of the income level are being led to believe that the rich can be coerced legally to equalize our standard of living. In the past and even in the present, such attempts have been met with chaos and revolutions.

It is an utopic, but not a realistic approach to deal with destitution. Human nature is far too greedy to be content with the crumbs that others hand down to them (Psalm 10:3). The love for money has always been man’s cause for dissent (I Timothy 6:10). We all want more than we deserve or are capable of earning. By nature we are capable of reproducing our talents and even multiply the results. Unfortunately, we have far too many one-talent people that prefer to do nothing with their life. As a result, they end up with nothing. The harsh lesson for such a person was that there was no room for him/her in society because he/she was unproductive. The owner did not reward them for their ranks but for their productivity (Matthew 5:14-30).

The lack of productivity is the reason why we cannot recover from sliding into a national poverty crisis. There is no chance of a recovery when half the people are overpaid and the other half pay nothing into the economy. And there is absolutely no chance that any one or system can create jobs that will pay us what we think we deserve. Our downfall is the attitude that we are above the work that is available. If it were not for the immigrants that have come and still come to do the chores that require doing for less pay, this country would have sunk long ago. I too was a refuge and to live I gleaned in fields, picked nuts and berries in the woods and worked for a mere meal. When I came to North America, I worked for $65.00 per month with board and room. My father worked for 80 cents per hour and my brother for 50 cents per hour. My mother picked veggies for the farmers. We all made it without any assistance. Were these jobs below our dignity? They would have been if they had been handouts. In those days, immigrants were not admitted to live on welfare. Slowly, but surely, we all prospered and so did the nation.

The emphasis on being ranked as a middle class people is our biggest hindrance. It is an illusion created by our politicians and it is about to disintegrate. Uncle Sam no longer has sufficient credit to borrow enough money in order to sustain a class of people that live far above their means. Uncle Sam has grown too big. Any cuts in revenue shall have tragic consequences for this nation and the world. I do not enjoy repeating this warning that we are headed in the direction of the fall of Babylon. This great city or nation will not fall because of a natural catastrophe or war but by famine and pestilence (Revelation 18:8). The financial structure will collapse and all of us that depend on it shall end up starving. When a system or even a company grows too big and something goes wrong, it will hurt everyone that had even a distant affiliation with it. We are trapped and there is no escape. I fear not a bomb or death but hunger and the agony of dying (Revelation 9:6). We could revert the downward trend by diminishing our rank (pride) and become more productive and less demanding.