Remember what Jesus did for Us!

I WAS SCOLDED FOR ANOINTING JESUS (Mark 14:3-9; Matthew 26:6-13).

I, too, was delivered from my sinful ways. I could no longer recall how I was freed from the desire to taste what had caused me much pain. I kept my sins hidden so I could appear respectful in public. One day, Jesus from Nazareth looked my way and from that moment on a new feeling entered my heart. I began to forgive those that had hurt me and myself for feeling hurt. I also began to think of others more than of myself. I opened up to the world and began to do things for others. I found that kindness was being rewarded. I began to feel strongly that I should express my gratitude to Jesus for the good He was doing. I earned some money and waited for an opportunity when I could do something special for my benefactor.

I familiarized myself with Jesus’ habits. A week before our Feast of Deliverance, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. I, too, was present when the people hailed Him as the “Son of David.” I knew that He usually stayed at Bethany during this time with some friends. Jesus would visit Lazarus and his sisters, but for the night He would reside with Simon the leper. Simon too was healed, lived alone, and had rooms to accommodate Jesus’ followers. That, for me, was the signal that I should show my appreciation to Jesus. I had acquired a jar of very expensive and fragrant ointment for this occasion. I took courage, entered the huge home and approached Jesus. Without saying a word, I broke the alabaster jar and poured the perfume on His head.

My action caused a stir. It upset some of Jesus’ followers. They would have preferred if I had brought the money instead of the alabaster jar of costly oil. Priests used such oil for anointing special and worthy people. It took me a year to afford such a gift. Now, even without asking who I was, they robbed me of my joy to do something good to a very special person. I was wondering what kind of men Jesus had surrounded Himself with. They wanted that money for the poor and that made me feel guilty. Maybe, I should have brought them the money. I hung my head and started to leave in disappointment. To my surprise, Jesus interrupted their harsh rebuke and said, “Leave her be. Why are you scolding her? She has done a wonderful deed for me. You can always care for the poor because you will always have them. I will not be with you much longer. She did unintentionally what is good. You will realize soon that by pouring this perfume on my head, she has prepared me in advance for my burial. I assure you that wherever my story will travel, her kindness will be part of it.”

I stood, in silence, and turned slowly to face Jesus. He said nothing to me. He had said enough about me. His eyes did the speaking. They warmed my inside. He was grateful for what I had done. My critics were silenced. One of them followed me while I was leaving. He headed in the direction of Jerusalem. I had no idea what he was up to. I began to contemplate what Jesus meant by not being very long with His followers. In two days, it was rumored that one of Jesus’ followers had betrayed Jesus and handed Him over to our religious leaders, and that our Governor had Jesus crucified. I was deeply saddened, what these evil people had done to a very compassionate and kind person that did not even have a bad bone in Him. Then, it occurred to me, that I was the last person to do something good for Jesus. Instead of a priest giving Him His last rites; it was I, a woman, that did the honors. It was my small deed of kindness that I am being remembered for.

I am a challenge to everyone that reads my story, especially for women. After Jesus was taken from us, I continued to do things for His followers and for those in greater need than I was. Jesus was right. The poor were with us and I was not exactly rich. Only, I was willing to do what I could and not be a burden to others. There was always someone that was worse off than I was. But there were people that did good things and were not recognized for their kindness. I knew how that feels. I had the feeling that Jesus was waiting for me and show my appreciation. When I learned why He died, and that He predicted He would be forgotten in time, I wished I had done more. When you read about me, remember what Jesus did for all of us.