What else could he have done?

I WARNED MY HUSBAND (Mtatthew 27:19)

I had this terrible nightmare. In my dream, I was apprehended and imprisoned by men that were very evil. They accused me of all sorts of crimes that I was supposed to have committed, but did not. They insisted that I confess to be guilty or else suffer severe torture and humiliation. They would whip me until my flesh would fall off my bones. They would put thorns on my head and tear off my fingernails and toenails. And, to shame me publicly, they would strip me of my clothes and hang me on a cross. The worst of all, they had lying witness, that saw me do these vile things. There was not a one person or friend that was willing to stand up for me and defend me. I was an open and shut case. And if there had been anyone; then, he would have been frightened to death just by the way all these evil judges looked at me. Their glaring and gloating eyes devoured me, their clenched fists and pointing fingers killed me and their squeaky and thundering voices buried me alive. In the midst of all the injustice, that was being perpetrated, I was helpless without recourse and doomed on top of it.

I was delivered; not by justice, but by awakening from my horrible nightmare. I found myself engulfed in sweat. The nightmare was so real and so compelling that I immediately realized its implication. The night before, I had that nightmare, a man was arrested and taken to the Jewish leaders. They condemned Him and brought Him to my husband, the governor, to be sentenced to death. My husband was Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judea. He alone had the authority to sentence people to death. The man the Jewish leaders feared and hated was Jesus. I had heard good things about Him. He had advocated peace and obedience to the Government. He told the leaders to give to God what was God’s and to Caesar what was Caesar’s. But these evil Jewish leaders did not obey Rome or anyone else. This Jesus was undermining their underhanded ethics and justice. He had to be removed and my husband would be coerced to do it for them. All this would come to pass. Only, I had the nightmare before this man, Jesus, was handed over to my husband for sentencing. At once, I send him this message, “Have nothing to do with this just man. I suffered a horrible nightmare because of him today!”

My poor husband was already seated on his judgment seat, ready to pronounce sentence on Jesus. My warning came in time. My husband began to find reasons why Jesus should be set free. He interrogated Him thoroughly, brought Him out before the people, and told them that he found no fault and that he had, absolutely no cause, whatsoever to hand this just Man over to be executed. But my nightmare became now my husband’s. These people behaved like living vultures. They were devouring the head of my husband with their beaks of lies, logics, and lures. It was my husband, who was being judged, and not Jesus. These accusers were out of their minds and uncontrollable. They turned my husband into a nervous bundle. They forced my husband to sacrifice Jesus, just to please these Jewish leaders. There was absolutely nothing he could do from stopping them. They had it all planned and lured my husband into acting as if he were an enemy of Caesar. Can you imagine my husband the loyal slave of Caesar being and enemy of Rome? Do not imagine it. These cleaver and cunning deceivers managed to make Jesus out to be a pretender to Rome and my husband supporting Him. It added up to one thing; namely, to be with Jesus meant to be against Caesar. That was a capital offence.

My poor husband became even poorer. In spite of the power of Rome backing him, he became a mere puppet. No matter what he tried, the vultures were one step ahead of him. He tried reverse psychology. That is, he had Jesus beaten, punished physically and mocked in public, in a ridiculous garb, and a crown of thorns. That incited the opposition even more. Now they wanted His blood. They told my husband that it might as well be on them and their children. When my husband insisted that Jesus was their king and that He was harmless; they declared their loyalty to Caesar, and demanded that Jesus be crucified. It was their custom to free a criminal on their greatest day of celebration; namely, their Passover. My husband offered them Jesus, but they chose Barabas, the insurrectionist and murderer. There was nothing left for my husband to do but say, “I cannot sentence this man, you take him and sentence him.” That opened another can of their worms. Now, they were roasting my husband over coals, on an open fire. Now they had him where they wanted him. If he lets Jesus live, he would definitely lose his governor-ship, and his favored position with Caesar himself. What else could he have done?