Does this smell like another political roose?


The decoy is as old as the world. To catch a game, set a lure. Satan wanted to catch Adam and Eve and the serpent was the trap. Jacob had cheated his brother Esau and to make peace he sent him everything and everyone except himself. God, too, had the leaders believe that Jesus was a Galilean. They did not inquire where He was born. It was a necessary decoy to secure our redemption. The Bible has many instances where and when decoys were used to teach lessons to God’s people. Are we due for such a lesson? I believe we are. The Bible tells us that God loves us very much and He has send us messengers to warn us of decoys that keep us from falling into danger (Matthew 24:5,11).

Decoys are well camouflaged. They are attractive and enticing. They are very suggestive. They invite us to examine and spent time on how to get what is in the lure. They are particularly useful in political endeavors. To steer us away from major issues and problems, we are led to concentrate on insignificant matters that have no bearing on our needs, like jobs. The squabble over the President’s birth certificate has been an outstanding decoy. We even had a far more important decoy. It had to do with securing a re-election. To gain more voters, much time was spent on legislation that offers some benefits to possible voters. Obama Care is a superb decoy. It has secured the re-election of the President. He has enough people believe that there are enough rich in this country that can pay for his decoy. What we are not being told is that we have an exodus of wealth from this country. And the few that are left, we the taxpayers are bailing out so that a manual union workers earns as much as a physician or an attorney. Decoys lack realism.

Decoys are also misleading with regard to who and what is behind them. Decoys have as much to gain, as we have to lose. Our politicians have and still continue making sacrifices to nations that have religious preferences that are harmful to our laws and lifestyles. This diplomacy has alienated nations that could become our salvation. We are in a religious climate that shall choke us and it is not Christian. What should really prick our interest is the death of Usama Bin Laden at this particular time. For almost ten years, no body could get near him. We were repeatedly told where he was but no one dared to invade Pakistan. Now, that the President’s popularity was declining; our special forces hand him, as if it were on a silver platter, this nation greatest enemy. This grateful nation cannot but be indebted to the President. But, just suppose this is a decoy that seals the fate of this Republic? Should we be skeptical? I am. This smells like another political roose.

The people that are sheltering Jihads are the ones that want to take over our country. It is a small price to sacrifice Usama Bin Laden for America to re-elect a Muslim President. That is what they are all about. Al’Qaeda is not interested in coexistence but in domination. It is against this Muslim movement that Obama is siding with the Sunnis. The Sunnis, too, have the means to turn us into their slaves. They shall need our children and grandchildren to dig for oil in this country. The green advocates will not dare open their mouths. Have you been to a forced labor camp? I have seen my father struggle with one thousand people the Nazis had conscripted. They had no food, no shelter, no warm clothes and no decent tools to work with. Before father was put in charge, they were too sick to meet their quota. He divided them into three groups. One group kept fires going, one rested and one worked. With three smaller shifts, they accomplished more than with one large shift that was ill prepared. Pray that the Muslims send us merciful leaders like my father was. I am not jesting. I live in fear for my loved ones and I pray for our blind politicians that are being misled by decoys. The reason I am so concerned is because Jesus’ predictions cannot be averted. It is a religion that will dominate the end time with the sword (Revelation 17:17).