Remember, Abel trusted Cain!


The sound of “brotherhood” is music to our ears. There is much talk about all men being brothers. Then I remember reading about Cain and Able (Genesis 4:8) or what the prophet Amos said that the ordinance of brotherhood has long been violated when a brother pursued his brother with the sword (Amos 1:9-12). It is the sword, rather than agreements, that have sustained brotherhoods. Even peaceful brotherhoods are suspicious of each other. In its narrowest definition, it is an exclusionist concept. Members have to subscribe to certain rules. My parents attended a Church that did not regard other Christians as brothers and sisters. On one visit, their minister would not or could not extend his hand to me. We all belong to some circle that does not allow us to break that brotherly trust. We know, from the past, that even the best of such brotherhoods were flawed. Particularly, religious brotherhoods are not at liberty to disclose their objectives.

There are two distinctly different brotherhoods. One, individuals band together and elect a leader from among them. The other is a leader selects certain individuals that are willing to follow him. One is democratic and the other is despotic or theocratic. Jesus chose twelve men and He was in charge, but not by coercion. He set the direction His followers would follow. The democratic group adopts a cause and then exerts its influence. This is how many organizations, like congregations and unions, have come into being. When they become too powerful, they become harmful even to themselves. This ends in a power shift where the top man decides what is best for his organization. Thus, a Pope, a Bishop, a King, a Prophet or a Reformer could rise to the top and set the course for his or her followers. These transitions were not peaceful. Persecutions were severe and drove people wherever they could find a hiding place. My ancestors escaped to Ireland, Prussia, Poland, Russia and heaven knows where else. North America became a haven for religious dissenters. Even these dissenters were not tolerant of other dissenters. Their persuasions dictated their conscience to endorse beliefs and morals, and a union of colonies with separate rights to secede from Great Britain.

In recent history, we have seen the rise of additional brotherhoods. The nobles were one group and the worker’s parties, all over the globe, were another. These became political brotherhoods, like the Nazis and the Bolsheviks were intolerant toward others. We have liberal, conservative, and an in between brotherhoods. Their specific agenda is to maintain their statuesque with the vote of the common people. These powerful groups pretend to help the disadvantaged, when in reality the disadvantaged pay their bills and enhance their pockets. Union people are not eager to give up some of their privileges and they are even being exempt from doing so. Ultimately, like in Germany and Russia, these brotherhoods kill the nation. Brotherhoods do not die. They find new ways to inject themselves into the restructuring of their fallen nation. They rise to the top and repeat the same ideology that served them well before. That is precisely what is happening to this nation.

This time, however, the politically motivated brotherhood shall not be part of the rebuilding of this nation. A far more powerful and religiously motivated brotherhood is on the horizon that will not rebuilt, but exploit the resources of this nation. This brotherhood does not value life or materialism as much as it does their God. This brotherhood feeds on all the other brotherhoods to accomplish their God’s purpose to rule the globe. Humans are merely the tools of a God that wants it all. At the present, this brotherhood pretends to be democratic, when in reality it is absolutely a theocratic oligarchy. Also at the present, this movement abstains from being militant up front. But once that militant mentality is curtailed, the brotherhood will be in charge and dictate to the world its intentions.

I am not spinning some yarn. I am only repeating what the Book of Revelation predicts (17). In retrospect of history, it has one hundred percent accuracy. By the time, the present struggle in the Muslim world is over, ten nations will emerge with sufficient power to hold the world at bay. It will even subdue and destroy mighty Babylon, the strongest world union of nations that shall differ in their understanding of God from this group of Jihads. And if this is the end time, then only the real God with the brotherhood of Christ shall be able to deal with this extreme Muslim brotherhood (Revelation 19). We, in the West, have been particularly blinded by this brotherhood’s peaceful behavior behind the scene of turmoil. In the process, their enemies become bankrupt, depleted, and disabled. Jesus made this prediction, “Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather” (Luke 17:37). We have the reputation of being alive, but we are dying. We are told to awaken before we become vulture food (Revelation 3:1-2). Remember, Abel trusted Cain.