Are we still in doubt where we are headed?


History teaches us that when politics separates from religion, demotion soon follows. The U.S.A. is in the process of being demoted to a second rate country by a new kind of progressivism. It began some time ago when her Judeo-Christian principles that guided the Constitution were replaced with secular progressive laws that “the Glory of the Lord” also departed (I Samuel 4:21-22; Psalm 106:20). These secular progressive laws have proven to be inadequate and opened the way to a more socialistic religious pogressivism. It is based on the idea that man cannot govern himself and therefore requires a Karl Marx or a religious system like Islam. A fusion of the two appears to be the glove that fits a hapless hand that now runs this country. We now have leaders that seem to think Marxist Islam can become what Christianity once was. The question that may escape us is, “Will this system be as flexible and tolerant as Christianity was?”

Christianity has been dubbed into losing her right to impact this nation. It has become a second rate system within a secular system. What has happened to Christianity is in the process of happening to the U.S.A. Marxist Islam, on the other hand, is a prescription for a nation that needs a union between religion and the state. Where is the evidence? It has been camouflaged. Our privacy law protects Muslim identity. Our President, quietly, but intentionally, favors Islam. In order to accomplish his task, this country has to be reduced to a condition when it will eagerly welcome a system that can redeem it. He has led us to believe in collective salvation (distribution of wealth) while he protects capitalism from supporting this country financially. Instead of fulfilling his promise to end our nation’s involvements in the Muslim world, he now hands over our military to the United Nations that is run by a clandestine Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama is very passionate about the suffering of Muslims at the hands of other Muslims. What is he doing for Christians that are suffering and dying at the hands of fanatical Muslims? Also, notice that the President is less outspoken against sentencing Muslim criminals. Again, he is giving us the impression that he is with us and for us. Already, he is being cheered as a somewhat conservative American. He was derailed from his objective by the Tea Party, in his first term. Give him another term, and he will remove all doubts. He will hand over this nation, on a silver platter, to the Muslim Brotherhood. We have and are being misled by a clever Marxist Muslim politician that dreams of a world that can, in the name of Allah, incorporate all religions and peoples. His idea of a brotherhood is not the kind that is emerging in Egypt and Libya that is similar to Iran. It is unfortunate that our president and many of our leaders are being taken in by a presumably peaceful Muslim movement. In fact, the entire world is blinded by pretense of what this movement represents. Behind the camouflage hides a male dominated, intolerant theocratic system that places no value on human life; but for the time being, pretends to favor the masses. Ultimately, it will not yield to socialism or capitalism, but to Allah.

The question is, “What part of the world is Islam interested in?” It should not surprise us, that Islam does not necessarily want more converts; rather, it needs more “Lebensraum” for her legitimate followers. Their oil will run out and the North American continent has all the resources Islam will need to assert herself in the world. Our environmental naturalists and politicians have done an outstanding job to preserve the natural resources on our continent for such a purpose. Our leaders keep encouraging other nations to supply us with raw material and energy. They tell us that they are doing it for our children and future generations. In the process, we are becoming a service nation dependent on others for our survival. We now spent more than we create. Our expenditure has long surpassed our income. Technically, we are already bankrupt and our debtors can foreclose on us. What do we suppose we shall be coerced to pay our debts with? There will be no military takeover, but a debt bailout for our natural resources. Our debtors shall manage the extraction of our resources and our people will stand in breadlines. I have already been there in 1939. Amazing how history repeats itself. It is all because man continues to replace the “Glory of God” with his own (Romans 1:23).

Our next election will be determined, not by the color of the skin, but by the ideology of the person and it will mandate whether we begin to drill at home or continue to depend on others. If Obama is re-elected, then we can be sure that Islam can outbid China for paying our debt. He already has the vote. All he has to do is keep charming the voters that the opposition is their enemy. I do not believe that Obama himself wants an Islam without Marxism where his wife and daughters would not be allowed to drive cars, choose whom they can marry and then walk ten paces behind their husbands. Also, you women will have to share your husbands with three other women; and when you no longer please your man, he will replace you and you will have no say about it. Oh yes! There will be no distribution of wealth, but supervised labor camps. It should give all of us something to consider for whom we cast our votes? It is not race that should concern us, but a political and religious ideology that dislikes the Constitution of this Republic. Are we still in doubt where we are headed?