There is no political redemption in the making


The wise Salomon wrote, “Buy the truth and do not sell it” (Proverbs 23:23). Isaiah added, “Truth is nowhere to be found” (Proverbs 59:14). Jeremiah moaned, “Truth has perished; it has vanished from their lips” (Proverbs 7:28). We all seem to move in circles. We treat “truth” in a round about way. Perceptions and concoctions are being advocated as facts. We no longer bother to find the source of what ails us. My youngest brother was a year and a half, while playing with his sisters, dislocated his hip. He felt pain when he stepped on his foot; hence, he pointed at the ankle and the knee. By the time the source of the pain was identified, the hip had deteriorated and my brother was crippled for life. That is precisely what we are doing to the truth. We take for granted that the “problem” is the truth and not the “source” of the problem. We assume that we are on the side of truth; when in reality, we believe in an illusion. Where do we begin testing the “illusions” that are replacing “truth?”

First, it is bothersome to make a reality check, especially when history is not on our side. For instance, I am troubled when I hear socialists accuse others of being Nazis or Communists. The Nazis were the National and Socialistic Worker’s Party in Germany, very similar to the unions in our day. The Nazis used coercion to give the advantage to the workers, while our unions created laws for the same purpose. Soviet communism or socialism used confiscation to equalize wealth, while our politicians create and use laws to do the same. In Russia, wealth ended up in the pockets of the socialist party and not to help the people who were in poverty. In the U.S.A., the party in power decides what is best for the country. It feeds the needy with promises it cannot keep; but, it gets the party re-elected. They use taxation and not wealth as a means to distribute income. Unfortunately, there are not enough taxpayers. These taxes come from property owners, workers and people that earn a minimum living. The idea that the rich can be used to equalize wealth is an illusion. In a recent statistic, the party that pushes socialism and accuses others of not caring for the poor, out of ten millionaires in congress, they lead seven to three. Conveniently, they have moved their wealth out of reach.

Secondly, the “hoopla” to help the poor has become the wealthy politicians gimmick to be in power, so they can control their wealth. Poverty is not a racial, but an economic problem. It has been an economic problem for all developing countries. The slave trade was initiated and carried on by the chiefs in Africa that rounded up their own people and sold them to the traffickers and then to the colonizers. Slaves were cheap labor that yielded great profits. The Civil War freed the blacks and then transported them North to become cheap labor with the immigrants in the progressive industrial revolution. Economics exchanged the lot of the poor from a cotton master to a sweatshop owner. Regulations, to protect the minority, have not yielded better or more jobs, but handouts. That is why forty-seven million live in poverty and still hope that government will improve their lot.

The lot of the rich is out of reach for the wealth equalizer. They are the managers of economics and they also were clever enough to build a support group through benefits. This group consists of well-paid and protected union workers that drive big employers and business out of the country. There are twenty millions that were assisted with bailouts and stimulus money they did not need. These people have become the regulators of the economy and they are making certain that the crumbs they feed us, do not make us self-sufficient and challenge their profiteering. Between them and our “blinded hope” in false promises, we keep our wealthy politicians and their hoopla truth in power. They also have secured a propaganda media that endorses their hoopla truth. What awakened me? It was their loans on inflated homes to low income people. Our home was valued at $600,000 and it is now $300, 000. The mortgage company, our taxes reimbursed and we lost $300,000. The rich got richer and the union people with secure jobs can enhance their pockets by buying our homes. By the way, this group is constantly called the “middle class” and keeps on insisting that they are like we are. Just compare their bankbooks to ours.

Third, who were and still are the people that have the best interest of this nation? It is the minimum wage earner, the entrepreneur, the small employer, the small professional and the non- union employee. These people built this country and still can, if they are left alone. Again, I can tell you what is happening to our three sons. Our youngest started a business that gave twelve people jobs on less than $100,000 investment. He informed us that regulations and economics are no longer conducive to staying in business. Our second son’s wife did well with the private building industry. Now, funds are no longer available and they are about to lose their home. Our oldest and family raise goats. Regulations and economics stand in their way of exporting and of establishing a dairy. Laws do not free us from poverty, work does. By the way, $100,000 is what one union person expects to be paid. Who is doing the exploiting? How the truth is being twisted! And we, the people that cannot unite against the economic abuse that bankrupts us all, simply hope that some “Miracle Worker” will bail us out. No such person ever existed. Those that came only brought chaos. Let’s open our eyes and see, there is no political redemption in the making.