At Sevent-Five

AT SEVENTY-FIVE, What have I learned?

It is a happy day, so they say when you reach seventy-five one day. The things I hoped that I could see did not exactly pen out for me. I did not strike gold, but metal wheels that keep me in the game of life. I push it from my computer room and to my kitchen and back. I have it carry for me things I need in my yard and on our deck. Outdoors, my husband and I admire our beautiful surrounding on wheels. Now, when I travel somewhere, wheels are waiting on standby to move me on to my destination. We have motorized wheels to get us places outside our home. Lately, my husband began to use the garden tractor to master the decline and rise in the driveway. He complains that his feet can’t carry his body when he picks up the mail. I know exactly how he feels for I too depend more on my wheels than on my feet. For us, the invention of the wheel has become the most beneficial and practical blessing in the world. I am learning new ways to handle my wheels.

It is a happy day when heaven prolongs our stay. I cannot make up my mind whether I am left behind. I am too old for the world, but too young for heaven. I feel suspended in time between two worlds, the mind and the body. With my mind I keep exploring the world via the internet and with my body I busy the medical profession. I have become a puzzle for medical explorers. And I am indeed thankful for their manifold assistance to keep me in this world. I love this world because it allowed me to live and experience it for seventy-five years. The blessings that it has surrounded me with outweigh hardships and sorrow. It gave me a loving husband, three wonderful sons, caring daughters-in-law and nine grandchildren. One has preceded me to our final destination. I loved this world because it helped me to prepare and prove myself worthy before the One who had his eyes on me for seventy-five years. He has taught me that it is more blessed to give than to receive. It has been an amazing journey with an amazing family to prove it.

I rejoice in my heart and praise God with my lips for His Word that is guiding me day by day!