Daniel A. Kolke Sr. was born to Dutch-German parents in Eastern Poland that once belonged to Russia and now to the Ukraine, eighty-four years ago. During World War I, Dan’s parents were exiled to Siberia while grandfather and mother’s brother served in the Czar’s army. At the onset of World War II, the Russians traded Dan’s people to the Germans to manage Polish farms. At the end of the war, they became homeless refugees. At that time, Dan’s education was two years in a Polish school and four years in German schools while living in Western Poland.

Daniel immigrated to Canada in 1951. Six months later, he was disabled in a fire accident. After eighteen months of reconstructing surgery and recovery, Dan resumed his studies to become a pastor, teacher, and writer. In addition to his college degree, he earned three post-graduate degrees in Biblical, and related Studies. He served thirteen or more Churches in different ways, taught for two colleges and two Seminaries, published one book, a number of articles in News Papers and in some Journals. Dan represents religion and ideologies through the eyes of different cultures and languages and airs them on his weekly Blog entitled, “Stop and Think.”  Thus far, over eight hundred articles are available to the readers. Many of the Greek texts are Dan’s own translation and interpretation. He is a competent exegete.

Daniel attended eight institutions of higher learning. Among them were Princeton Seminary where he studied Biblical Hebrew and the University of New York where he studied Islam, under a visiting professor from Palestine. He graduated from Victoria University within the University of Toronto with a Doctor in Theology in 1971.   

He is married to Selma Fahl, also from the Ukraine for fifty-four years. They have three sons and eight grandchildren. He also survived cancer eighteen years ago. With Dostoevisky, “He is merely a man among men.”