Rare Love


Rarer than rare, are you, my Love;

From heaven you came, my Dove.

Your heart had eyes, others could not see;

Your arms were like wings, reaching for me.

In the midst of my loneliness you were,

A refreshing breeze of gentle fresh air.

You did bravely offer your life to share

And willing to dare to be together as a pair.

You saw in me, I did not see myself;

Without your eyes that helped me see,

Where and what I ought to be.

You more than I have led the way,

For us to reach this special day.

Far, far too often you held my hand,

When difficulties and trials did not end;

You were the one that saw beyond,

Your eyes of faith that helped us stand,

At every corner, and at every bend.

For you, the rainbow was never out of sight;

Your life for me has been more than delight.

Like a rainbow, you, too, shine

I am very thankful, that you are mine.

We have had fifty-four wonderful years.

Blessed with joys, sorrows and cheers.

We are as rare as two people could be,

A simple, small, light for others to see.

When God puts love into a human heart

No human can tear two people apart.

That is how we had our start

By giving the Lord the major part.

Happy “fifty-four” my Dove from Heaven.   May 28, 2014

Your earthling Dan, the husband.