Love without Bread


The Bible says that a good manager will distribute properly to the needy their portion of food. How fair and trustworthy can a government, an organization, or a system be without managers, who are impartial in the distribution of bread? What kind of a person should we trust with our livelihood? It is natural for us, to elect persons, who can feed us and double our income. We do lean toward a person, who has built or enlarged his barn. Jesus, however, called such a man a, “fool” (Luke 12:13-21).

Jesus, before He used the “Parable of the Rich Fool,” He said this, “Take heed and beware of all covetousness; for a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possession.” At the end of the Parable, Jesus concluded, “So is he that lays up treasures for himself and is not rich toward God” (Luke 12:15, 21). What kind of a manger ought we to look for? It should be one, who will pledge to be accountable to the “Tenth Commandment” and to the fear of God. The Commandment does not allow anyone to deprive others of their property, and rights. Those who do know, that God will hold them accountable. People that fear the Lord are more faithful and trustworthy. Several years ago, statistics revealed the following: the government spent 70 cents to send 30 cents, private tax-exempt organizations spend 60 cents to send 40 cents and so did religious organizations, but Churches or denominations spent less than 10 cents to send a dollar. Catholic Charities was the best with spending less then 2 cents per dollar. Even Social Security, which is federally managed, returns only half of what it should. My minister’s annuity cost me less than my social security and almost delivers double. Government should protect our investments, but not mange them. The overhead cost by government employees is too high for managing any system, particularly our food production, where the regulation is more costly than the production. 

Government is not a good steward, especially socialism. It has created a government class, which is lucrative for far too many people. This class has grown out of control. It will ruin the country. No civilization has survived, where there were more takers than givers, especially when the takers take a lot more than they deserve. It also is a fact, that government employees spent less than eight hours on the job. They work only six hours per day and get paid for ten hours per day. Of course, some of their wages go back into taxes, but then are erased by their benefits. Where will this clever scheme all end? I know how it ends, because I was with my parents when they were driven from two farms. They volunteered to leave two more farms, to escape the communist agenda, which takes from those, what little they have, and gives it to those, who have nothing. They all end up with nothing, except the leaders, who are in charge. We ended up with nothing and had a bitter taste of chaos.

Managers, according to Jesus, should double investments and not diminish them. Jesus made it quite clear in the “Parable about the Pounds.” There were three managers, who were managing their master’s money. They were entrusted respectively with 5, 2 and 1 pound. They went to work and returned respectively 10, 4 and 1 pound. The first two were praised and entrusted with more collateral. The third man did not invest, but kept that one-pound in safekeeping. He lost that one-pound to the one, who had made ten pounds and was discharged from being a manager. More than that, he was punished for mismanaging his master’s account. His master expected 2 pounds and not 1 pound. Would it not be wonderful if all managing people or agencies took Jesus idea to heart? Recently, I asked an employee where we bank, how the bank was doing in the light of the low interest, they were paying to the people that trust their money with that bank? I expected a gloomy report. Instead, I was almost floored when the gentleman responded elatedly, “It has been good. We earned over a billion Dollars!” This happens to be a small bank. How could this be? Then I added up these figures: my mortgage was 7%, my car loan 9%, my home equity 6% and my credit cards around 15%. For the little money I had in the bank, I was getting less than 3%. Even on security notes, the bank cashed in on more than 2%. What these financial institutions have done is impoverish me. That was not the only thing that spelled horror night for me. My real-estate taxes rose from $3,900.00 to $8,727.00. My solution is quite simple. I most likely end doing is what a friend of mine did. He got rid of all of his property and he died on welfare support. The Bible holds, that the money belongs to the investors, and not to the mangers, and that the investors should be reaping the benefits. In countries where the people were impoverished by the financial institution, chaos and revolutions occurred. These institutions are recovering their losses by ripping off the people in countries that have prospered like the USA or Canada. How long can we last under such financial exploitation?

No political system in the world will ever be perfect. Human greed will not allow any system to mature. It is the love for money that created wealthy socialists, who tell their constituents that they are on their side when they advocate an increase in their wages. Only these increases do not come out of their pockets, but the pockets of small establishments and the pockets of every employee. These people parade under identifications as Democrats, Labor Party, Socialists or Liberals and Republicans. On recent interview of a Democrat, who advocates clean air and is against drilling in protected wildlife areas, has his own jet. His brother owns one of the largest banks in New York City and in the world. When his father turned the bank over to him, he had 400,000,000.00; now he has billions. How did he get there? He got there by telling us, that he is for us by allowing us to think that we owe our homes, our land, our vehicles or our belongings. In reality, we owe very little. It all hinges on whether we can make the next payment. Money has become the god of Socialistic Capitalism. We live on the edge of bankruptcy and pretend that we are well to do. But as soon as our pink slip comes in, we taste reality. We have been working for the man, who had build and filled the larger barn for himself.

There is nothing wrong with being rich; but there is something wrong, when my riches have created too many poor. People managing finances deserve a reward for their managerial abilities, but not a jackpot. Our entire economy is based on profits and not wellbeing. Profits are fine, only they are, no longer, going to those, who have put up the original money. A large portion goes to those, who control and manage the investor’s money. But the largest portion of the profit goes to investors, who once were the middlemen, but now they owe practically all of the investments. What is happening is, that the origin of the source is evaporating or ending up in the hands of a few. The small savings of the little investor are ending up in a big portfolio and so are the small farmers, storekeepers and entrepreneurs. In the real world, there are many more failures than successes. Most of the new attempts fail. The “Parable of the Sower” has become a cruel reality. Seventy-five percent of our people live by the roadside, on the rocky ground or among thistles. The remaining twenty-five percent are split into three groups. Only eight and a third percent make a one hundred percent profit. One eight and a third earn sixty percent. And one eight and a third percent earn thirty percent. Jesus’ “Parable of the Sower” is basically what is happening in the USA and elsewhere where “mammon” is god. The rest of the world is in a much worse situation. For instance, sixty percent of the Canadian wealth is in the hands of foreigners. Quite a number of nations are not as fortunate as Canada. Even the USA is loosing its biggest investors to foreign interest due to shrinking taxes. 

Most of us live in a world of dreams and illusions. We dream of striking gold via an idea, a child that may be athletic or win a beauty contest and end up in the movies. We worship heroes like ball players and movie stars. We have little room for moral values. We trust in politicians, who feed us what we want to hear. They are very skillful in having us look around the corner, where our fortunes lie. Only when we get to the one corner, they tell us it is the next one that will definitely bring in our mother-load of gold. The truth is that there is no treasure outside the one we create for ourselves. It must be within us to try and venture out in hope to succeed. I was not born in this country. I came here by choice because it offered me to become who I am. But that hope is now being threatened by unfair taxation and unrealistic profiteering. This is primary due to a lack of Biblical morals. The only good thing is freedom of expression, but even that is in doubt. The only free person is the one that owns nothing and is nothing. He or she can talk all they want and no one will take them serious. Of course, no one has more freedom than the media. It has become the master of illusions and most of us align with its views. Particularly our elected officials worship at their shrines. It is amazing that this country has lasted that long? Perhaps we have expected too much from a nation that has to have money in order to trust in God? After all, everywhere else, God has been removed; except from the money. The nation that has lost the fear of God has lost the right to exist. On a scale of one to ten, where are we now?