Trust Jesus on Women


The personal letter of Paul to Timothy, regarding women has caused more than one problem (Timothy 2: 90-15). In Paul’s world, women were guilty of sin and only could redeem themselves by bearing children.  They had to be silent, submissive, and faithful servants. Above all, take note of the, “I do not permit a woman to teach and have authority over a man.” How humiliating that was for Paul or for any Jew during his time.

Foremost, Paul was not and is not Jesus. Jesus did not condemn the woman, but Jesus condemed the men that brought her (John 8: 3-8). Adam tried to shift the blame on Eve, but God held Adam accountable (Genesis 3: 12,17). It took the devil to entice the woman and only a woman to fool the man. Well, who was the smarter one? God chose a woman to give us the Savior and not a man. Joseph tried to chicken out.

It is also very important to note that Paul’s view of women was expressed in a very personal letter to Timothy, and not to a Church. I doubt very much, if Paul had a say, that this letter would have become public. I also doubt very much, that anything but Jesus, Paul would have made public: that is, if Paul were among us today. I have no problem with Paul because I do not hold to the idea that he had additional revelations beyond Jesus. 

With regard to teaching, Paul overlooked the fact that it was the Jewish mother that taught the children and not the father. He also forgot to mention that the women were the first to proclaim the Risen Christ. It was Jesus that instructed the women to tell the men that He was alive (Matthew 28:10). Let us also mention that the women were at the cross and not the men, except for John. In fact, if it had not been for the women that supported and served Jesus, one wonders how Jesus would have managed (Matthew 27: 55)?