Democracy is a Misnomer


Define democracy through Webster and then compare it with the political system of the U.S.A. The contrast is almost incomprehensive. Let us consider some basics.

Government is to be of, for, and by the people. Now it is of, for, and by the two parties, representing circa 40% to 50% of the population. The representatives are also elected by the parties and push their interests in order to assure their re-election. Wealthy political pundits with special interests to control the election process. If the public objects, their appointed judges use a “Writ” called, “The Constitution” to legalize their process. These judges have enormous powers and the final word on how laws are implemented. This “Writ” called “The Constitution” has become a powerful weapon against the majority to protect minorities and individual rights. It is particularly aimed at excluding Christian input into the legal system and the public life. 

U.S.A taxation does not at all fit into the concept of a democracy. There is a huge gulf between those that work and those that create work. Anyone that succeeds in rising above the employment roles is being punished with higher taxes. In fact, nearly half the people in this nation draw their paychecks from taxation. Government is the largest employer in America and the welfare system the second largest.  Property owners are at the mercy of those that owe nothing. I did attend a meeting where I was the only one with property and had to listen to people that had nothing proposing to raise my taxes so they could increase their welfare checks. I was being held accountable for someone else’s wife and his children. I realized then that I was not living in a democracy but in a Socialist Republic. I was under the impression that I had left socialism behind in Europe.

The parties and not the people control the choosing and selection of leaders. It is not the majority that elects the president, but the candidates thar the parties appoint. The person that has the electoral votes is the one that picks his running mate or Vice-president and not the public. He also picks the people that run the country with him for the next four years. Then the roller coaster starts all over again where millions of dollars are spent on proving who can run the country better. The truth of the matter is that the president is really the scapegoat for the people on Capital Hill.

Representation is the problem of all problems in the U.S.A. democracy. The candidate that runs for president representing the republicans is actually a conservative democrat. But he is by no means a conservative republican and a far cry from what an evangelical conservative Christian can endorse. Now, we are about 40% of the population that have no representation in the next election. It is expected of the candidate to pick his running mate that shall appease us. And then we are to vote for the lesser of the two evils. According to evangelical law, all sins are equal. How then can one evil be better than the other?

The Lord of the evangelicals told Nicodemus, a national leader of Israel, that his nation had to be reborn or perish (John 3:1-21). Israel did not reform and it perished. Democracy in the U.S.A. has been perishing for some time.