Our Pastor has led us ably in a revealing study of The Book of Esther. The Book has some very sobering applications. In my next articles, I shall touch on five: “Indecision, Hate, Vengeance, Esther, and Virtue.” In this article, we shall look at “Indecision.”

All of us have a problem of making up our minds. We are plagued by hesitation and vacillation and depend on those that have stable and above all clear and decisive minds. However, when those at the top are fickle and depend themselves on others to decide for them, we are in very serious trouble. King Xerxes was a classic example of indecision. His selfish counselors, Memucan, Haman and Mordecai, led him like a puppy. These men did the thinking for him and made the king turn their selfish interests into laws. Xerxes reminds us of Pilate who could not decide in favor of justice, but yielded to the demands of his enemies. Such weak leaders wash their hands and blame others for their indecisions.

We are about to elect another president. The quality we seek in the next leader is that he or she shall make the right decision because we have been led to believe that the president in office has made the wrong decision. Whether the president was right or wrong history shall disclose; but he stood by his decision and did not vacillate. That cannot be said for the previous leadership that had a change to apprehend the terrorists that now plague and hurt us. What makes us think the new leadership shall be able to appease those that have pledged to eradicate America that shelters Christianity and political and religious freedom?

The Book of Esther, if it teaches anything, it is “indecision” that can cost us our faith, our liberty, and even our life. For Christians it is even more serious because indecision can hamper our salvation.