We must Change


The cry for change is as old as humanity itself and so is the problem as to who institutes the changes that are necessary. Whether it is in politics or religion, we want some super being to make the changes in us and for us. An eminent clergy assured the TV audience that Jesus can and would change us, provided that we place our trust in Him. I was reminded when 58 years ago, I began to spend 18 months in hospitals, having been disabled from an accident and I did not know what the future would hold for me, a clergy friend told me that God and the Lord (Jesus) would do it for me. I believed the man, not knowing what it would entail to let God do it?

How did the Lord do it? He did not; I had to! It began with feeling sorry for my sins and then I had to repent by making amends for my faults and mistakes. I had to have 20 surgeries before I could again function as a human being. I had to find people that could teach me English. I had to find schools that accepted a dropout due to war. It took 7 years to graduate from a Seminary and then prove myself fit before a congregation asked me to be their minister. Even as a minister and now in retirement, I and not the Lord keep on working out my salvation with fear and trembling. Ten years ago, hardships drove our sons to start creating jobs for themselves and others and we had to mortgage our property several times. 

No doubt you noticed the emphasis on the “I and the me.” I did believe the Lord, acted in faith, and the Lord did bless us. That is how Abraham and all the other blessed people in the Bible obeyed the Lord and that is what Jesus meant when He commanded us to believe repent (change) and go and do the things that shall change us and our circumstances and conditions. God put us in charge of our lives and the world and He will hold us accountable. I fear for everyone that waits for Jesus to change him or her.