Repent First


John the Apostle wrote about a deadly sin that was beyond prayer (I John 5:16). Now, is America not beyond prayer, but beyond asking God to bless it? “Let us reason together,” so said the Lord (Isaiah 1:18).  “You have outlawed my laws and denied my existence. You refuse to admit your guilt and sin. You have dug your own pit and fell into it. Now you have the audacity to ask me to bail you out. I sent you my Son to bail you out but you keep on rejecting him. You chose to live outside his sphere and thus removed yourself from my jurisdiction. My Son has informed you that what you are doing pleases the devil but not me (John 8:42-47).”

Let us reason as humans and not as gods. I can pray for forgiveness only if I repent and pay for my sin. How can I pray for evil to be good and good to be evil? How can I pray if I do not allow my own offspring to live? How can I pray for legalizing perversion of sex that destroys the family as God intended it? How can I pray for lining my pockets by bleeding the resources of a nation? How can I pray when the majority wants something for nothing by bleeding those that work hard to earn a living? How can I pray for a costly war that uses an army to fight a handful of religious fanatics that bleed the country into poverty? How can I pray for so many other political correct things that are offensive to God? How can I pray when even the clergy endorse political tendencies that violate God’s Laws? And above all else, how can I pray when I am not allowed to pray in public by calling on God through Christ? 

You have placed me in an impossible dilemma. I can only pray that America repents, pays for her sins and returns to the God of the Bible. God has not closed the door. God wants to comfort the nation, but the nation must deal with her guilt and sin (Isaiah 40:1-2). The nation is very much like an individual. Anyone that repents and acknowledges God, Christ will bail out. The reason why America still has a glimmer of hope is because there are many Christians praying that believe in and abide by the life and words of Christ. Our hope is not in any of the political aspirants or in the political correct lawmakers, but in the Christian principles of justice tempered with mercy that endorse parity. Until we learn to love our neighbor we shall never love ourselves nor shall we please God. Our political election process does not even know what the word love means. Whom do we want God to bless?