Owner’s Rights

The question that is at the heart of our economy is, “Do we demand or are we in demand?” Every one in the USA should ask, “Am I a problem solver or am I a part of the problem?” By the way, we are not unique at this. Jesus dealt with the issue in Matthew 20: 1-16, “Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my money?”

Jesus’ parable had a religious implication for those of us that think we deserve to be placed first because we served the longest. But it is also an economical answer to those that tell their employers how much they should pay them. In the parable, the owner of the vineyard, that happened to be generous, hired workers early in the morning, then at noon and lastly one hour before closing. At the end of the day, all the workers received the same pay. Those that worked all day complained and the owner told them that it was none of their business what he did with his money. This employer did not bow to their demand.

Let us draw some conclusions. First, do we think this employer did rehire these complainers?  He did not have to because he learned who appreciated his generosity. Second, if the employer had paid for the hours rather than the day, could he have stayed in business? This is precisely what is plaguing large unionized companies today. Organized greedy labor no longer allows their employers to compete in the market place. This is taking place in the industry and in our governments. And third, note the wisdom of this vineyard owner. His generosity fed twice or three times as many families by not complying with the demands of a handful of workers. Oh, how much we need the council of Jesus today?