Our only Chance

Isaiah, long ago, wrote that the eye had not seen nor the ear heard what God had prepared for those that waited on Him (Isaiah 64:4). Paul encouraged that God would supply all our needs (Philemon 4:1).Jesus promised that the disciples would be richly rewarded in this world for their service to Him (Matthew 19:29). What does that mean for us?

We Christians have been led to believe that if we cannot reach our goal or be satisfied in this life then we certainly shall be in the one to come. The same goes for God. If He does not give what we expect in this life then we shall receive it in the next one. I, however, have come to the conclusion that I shall need nothing when I am in heaven and that I need all the help I can get in this life. The glaringly reality that stares me in the face is that God wants to help me in this life and not in the other. It is in this life that I make choices that must come to terms with God who supplies all my needs. God does not give me anymore than I am able to handle (I Corinthians 10:13). 

What was most difficult for me was to understand that God has already prepared for me the things my life requires. God did all this for me before the foundation of the world began (Ephesians 1:2-4). If I have not enjoyed a full life, then it was due to my failure not having tapped into God’s storehouse where my blessings are being held. Most of the time, I have been hasty and impatient to receive what God had prepared for me. I have not always looked ahead for God’s blessings to come my way or I have not gone far enough to claim them. At times, I felt very close; yet not quite there. I have also come to feel afraid that I may have missed my share of blessings.

I was misled to believe that God had to let me have the blessings instantly whether I was ready or not. To Him, I am but a child that can handle toys suitable for only my age. With every added year, a new toy brought fulfillment and satisfaction. It is when I became a man that toys no longer brought contentment. I may have been in the midst of my richest blessings, but I dismissed them as useless toys. I even began to look for something better, like heaven, and neglected to enjoy the wonderful life here on earth. Perhaps this is why Jesus suggested that we become children again so that we can enjoy who we are and what we have (Ma1thew 8:2-3). Our blessings are not ahead; they are available now.