Fixed Principles are Needed

Power, without fixed principles, is not just threatening Christianity, but it also threatens the world. Power, like anything else seeking advantage over others, must be controlled by a higher power. Even the highest of powers must be guided by principles that cannot be altered. For that reason, the Bible depicts God abiding always by His unshakable principles, which are the backbone of individuals, groups, and nations.  It is also for that reason that unprincipled leaders and their followers have ousted the Bible from public life. Without the restriction of these principles, powers grow out of control. 

Consider what unprincipled leaders have done and are doing with the Constitution of the U.S.A. It has been used to oust Biblical Laws from infringing on politics and public life. It has relegated Biblical Christians to their religious buildings and properties. Already, efforts are on the way to restrict Christians from witnessing in public. Soon the courts shall censure and control what can be said. The founders did not foresee what this document, without having included the Ten Commandments, would do. Without fixed principles, the Constitution is being adopted to conditions and situations. It is being used to justify actions, decisions, and behavior contrary to the Biblical Laws. It is redefining life, the family, morality, values, and everything else that is Christian. 

Why did the founders not consider this problem and include at least the Ten Commandment? To them, the Biblical Laws were above the Constitution for they supported good and fair government. They had no inkling that their document would one day oust and replace the Biblical Laws. The Constitution was to safeguard Biblical Laws and those that live by them rather than separate them from government and public life. The character of those that were seeking to be elected to public offices had to live up to the ethics of the Bible. The Bible was used to sort out the unworthy office holders and seekers. Today, the opposite has happened. The Bible has become a stumbling block for many in high places. It is even more tragic that many Christians follow the same trend. The Bible also records that those that rejected the Laws, God had prescribed, did not survive. The founders had a similar belief about abandoning the Constitution. Where is this nation headed without the Biblical principles?