Science withouth Morality?

Science – Morality?

The President announced that his decision to support “Embryonic Stem Cell Research” was based on “Science and not Morality.” Science, he regards as factual and morality as what? What is puzzling is that he believes that embryos are not potential human beings. Yet, science has proven that when embryos are placed back into a woman’s womb, they result in babies. Thus science negates the President’s concept. By dismissing morality he has granted science a license to use life as if it were merely substance. Science has been put in the place of a creator that can heal and sustain life (Exodus 20:3-6). Only the real Creator has put a limit on our earthly life (Psalm 90:10).

What is so disturbing is the kind of life science seeks to preserve and even perpetuate. It aborts babies and obliterates embryos to keep alive disabled and old people, in many cases even criminals. Please, I am 75% disabled and I am old, although my mind is still fertile, I do not want my offspring to die so that science can use them to sustain my dilapidated body in this world. I have to face my Maker and I do not want a baby or an embryo on my conscience. I do not want to live in a world comprised of old people only to commemorate the innocent and young that science killed to keep me alive. I already lived under Hitler and Stalin where science was worshipped and man like my father-in-law was eliminated so that a party member could take his job and live.

Science, without moral direction, is without the fear of God and therefore accountable to no one (Matthew 10:28). Science acts as it pleases and destroys what it dislikes. It infringes on a dimension that shall end in dire consequences. No science could keep the Hitlers or Stalins alive and no science shall judge them but God. Make no mistake, we shall all appear before the Judgment Seat of God and regret that we have not taken His warnings regarding life, death and recrimination seriously (Romans 14:10-12). Science is blinding us and dulling our conscience, but before the Judge it can neither defend us nor excuse us. There we shall depend on morality to bail us out. Morality is always about what is right and not about what is wrong or convenient. It is what we have done that shall hunt us in eternity (Revelation 20:12).