Becoming Great: How?


We stand in awe of the “Great People” among us. The question is how did they become great? Were Moses, David, or any of our leaders born famous?

We are hesitant to think that God has a hand in our destiny (Ephesians 1:4; 2:10). Jesus informed us that not even a hair is lost outside His knowledge (Luke 21:18). Like Moses, we may step outside His intended purpose and most certainly God shall bring us back (Exodus 3:10). Moses’ entire life was planned, preserved and directed by heaven (Exodus 1-4). It took eighty years to prepare him for the leader he had to be in order to deliver a people and built them into a nation. And with God’s help, Moses led his people out of Egypt and kept them alive for forty years in a wilderness. It was no fairytale.

Moses became great in the eyes of men; but in the eyes of God he was not permitted to enter Canaan because he too had disobeyed God (Deuteronomy 32:48-52). Can we imagine how he must have felt that he could not enjoy the completion of his life-long objective? God does not allow leaders that take matters into their own hands to enter into His domain. God’s purpose cannot be averted! Bad leadership can delay progress, but not alter destiny, like spending forty years in the wilderness. Even the forty years were used to discipline and train a people for God’s purpose. The same people would spend seventy years in Babylonian captivity for similar reasons. And if a nation continues to go against God, it will vanish like the ten tribes of Israel.

The comparison of the greatness of Moses and his people with the U.S.A. is remarkable. God used and made great Washington, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. to establish, save the union and bring dignity to this nation. There were lesser lights that shone and still more to come to carry out God’s orders. The destiny of this nation and all free nations is in the hands of God. Should this nation survive, and the historians shall be able to see then will emerge a leader, like Karl Martel, that saved the free world from Islam. No one since Charlemagne (Carl Martel) faced an enemy like President Bush the II. Eternity shall assess true greatness by the service one has rendered to the redemption of humanity from sin and slavery (Mark 10:45).