Safe-Havens: How safe are they?

SAFE-HAVENS: How safe are they?

A Safe Haven for Christians is like a “Pit Stop” in racing. Christians like racers require a place where they can stop and refuel or make repairs. Churches have become such places. Perhaps, they have given us too much comfort. That could be one reason why we are afraid to go out into the world and recruit disciples. Many of us have become permanent residences in these religious pit stops. We need to get back in the race if we want to cross the finished line.

Pits can become deterrents. They can become too comfortable and we prefer the safety of the pit to the dangerous racetrack. Well, I feel that I have been in a few pits where I was too comfortable to re-enter the race. I also have evidence that Jesus had some disciples that felt the same way. He had taken Peter, James and John up a mountain. There the three had an encounter with Jesus and his heavenly friends that was just too fantastic to leave. They were ready to construct three huts for Jesus, Moses and Elijah (Mt.17: 1-7). These three huts or pits were a safe haven. Why leave them?

Jesus did not want his disciples have safe havens in this world. He himself had nowhere to lay his head (Mt.8: 20). Jesus has not provided a safety net for us in this world. We are pilgrims on the way to the Promised Land and cannot remain in pits or filling stations like churches. It is sad when far too many take these pits for all that there shall be and even end there? Of course we need high lights or pits where we get nourishments; but these should only be brief. We are of no use to the race if we hide with God in a closet. Our closet encounters were intended for rest and refreshments but not for being steady residences.

Heaven is our final pit or safe haven. While on earth, we are in a race not against anyone else but against ourselves. It is not a matter of who comes in first; but it is a must that we cross the finished line (I Cor.9: 24-27). A reward waits for every one of us that arrives at our destination (II Tim.4: 7-8). And the world cannot watch us when we are in the pit but when we are in the race (Heb.12: 1-3).