Intrigued by Curiosity?


A prankster stood at a busy street corner and kept looking up at the sky. Within minutes a crowd blocking traffic had surrounded the man looking up. No one asked what he was looking for and no one needed to ask. They were all intrigued by curiosity to find something in the sky. When Jesus’ disciples bid farewell to their Master, they too kept on gazing into heaven (Acts 1:10-11). It is not just Christians that gaze toward heaven for help. Unbelievers in increasing numbers stretch their necks into the unknown for some miracle. Both, believers and unbelievers hope that heaven would send someone to help us deal with our divided nation.

America, in the past, has been blessed by heaven with leaders that have united us and helped turn things into advantages. It has been assumed that our new President shall hopefully display such ability. In most instances, the new administration has an immediate impact. This is due to the way politics does business. Prior to the election, candidates paint gruesome pictures of the affairs of the nation. This time, the gruesomeness was real because it was created by the party in power for the past two years and not by the past President of the opposite minority party. And when the new President kept on riding the negative wave of blaming his predecessor, he merely deepened the grave that shall make the recovery even more difficult.

Where am I going with this yarn? Yes, it may be yarn, but it should remind us that negativism is not resolving anything instead it continues to divide us. We cannot extinguish a fire by adding fuel and keeping on fanning the flames (Romans 12:20). What would happen if our present President would apologize to his predecessor for what his liberal party has done to our nation? And if the conservatives would stop being negative about our President and look at what they are doing to this nation? At the present, we are two nations under one roof engaged in verbal warfare led by ideological fanatics on both sides. Could we possibly find some common ground and unite so that together we could gaze into heaven? Perhaps heaven would open up and shower this nation once more with glory and honor (II Chronicles 7:14)? Have we become so unreasonable that we no longer can live and work together? We do need both ideologies, but in moderation.