The encounter between David and Goliath was and still is provocative (I Samuel 17). It was then and even more so today about killing the giant. The Philistines negotiated from strength and the Hebrews from weakness. Samuel implanted into David the idea that he was special and that he was in league with Jehovah. He therefore could challenge a giant and defeat him. It was not Jehovah that made the sling and threw the stone that knocked out Goliath. It was David, believing that God was with him.

In the eyes of the world, the U.S.A. is Goliath. Fanatical religious terrorists believe they are like David. The damage they have inflicted on the giant is an indication to them that their God is in favor of what they are doing. They were encouraged by our president’ s statement that we are not a Christian nation and that he would side with the Muslims. We have become open game for the hunters. We must not be surprised when more planes fly into buildings and trains wreck stations, or poisons threaten life. These are dreadful but they will not bring down the giant.

Presently, there is fear that socialism will reconstruct this nation. Take comfort in the fact that may only be a temporary gratification for some minds. I lived under three such endeavors and they recovered. I see a far greater danger. It is being carried out by the policies our leaders have instituted. First, they are reducing our population with abortion and war. Sadam Hussain was a mortal enemy to Iran. His removal placed the burden and sacrifices on our military that now fights to purify Islam. The promise to bring home our soldiers has not happened because it does not serve the purpose of Islam. The second most damaging thing that is taking place is introducing programs that are bankrupting the country. Taxations and regulations shut down industry and the rest of the population does not have sufficient means to sustain the giant status of the U.S.A. in the world.

Is there a way out of the dilemma? There is, but how can we make our leaders see it? We must stop treating Islam as a helpless David when it is in fact the giant that uses David’s sling and rock to bring down one that thinks it is Goliath. The reduction of Christians and the wrecking of the economy are the sling and the rock and they are most provocative.