For centuries the Jewish people waited for the Messiah and when God sent them a person and the messenger to announce Him, it is the messenger who wants to know, “Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else” (Matthew 11:3)? This was not just the Baptist’s feeling but for most of the people, including Jesus’ disciples. Jesus had put all of them in doubt. It would take some time for the new religion to take shape and make sense. Why did the work of Jesus become dubious?

John the Baptist, the disciples, the Sanhedrin, and the people could not coincide the Person and work of Jesus with their preconceived ideas of the Messiah. They had developed an expectation that was not present in Jesus. In a sense, they were telling God that He had sent them the wrong man. The miracles did suggest divine intervention, but Jesus did not tackle the big problem; namely, the Romans. To the Jewish people, the big problem was outside their hearts. For Jesus, it was their hearts that He had come to change and revive. There could be no change on the outside until there was a change on the inside.

Two thousand years later, we still have the same expectations that the Jewish people had in their time. We still want Christ to do what He could not do then. Christ’s Mission is not to deliver America, but to stop America from rejecting Jesus and His Teaching. The moment we have begun to deny Christ in public and to the world, Christ has also begun to deny us before God (Matthew 10:33). Since Christ is the only Way for us sinners to get through to God, we have become a godless people (John 14:6). What has become even more tragic is that Christians believe they shall be spared from living in a pagan and secularized America. They already had that chance to make America a Christian nation. Unfortunately, they allowed non-Christians to edge them out. And that is only the beginning of the woes Christians loyal to Christ shall face (Revelation 6-7). Secularism, without some form of religious ideology, has never survived. It has always ended in some form of a totalitarian system. And that is the greatest danger we are facing.