The dictionary defines “rehabilitation” as restoring, re-establishing and even renaming. I was in a fire and it took 18 months to restore me to health and another seven years to train me so I could live and compete in this world. When I faced death, I became keenly aware how brief this life is and how long eternity is going to be. I have accepted Jesus’ Promise that if I were to die for Him by a hand other than mine, I shall be rewarded in eternity. Jesus came to give His life and not to take life and so should I? This has been my reformation and it has helped me to understand when politicians talk about rehabilitating religious terrorists.

For one year, I studied the Muslim faith under a Palestinian Professor. Muslims also believe in eternity and rich rewards. Like Christians, the greatest rewards go to those that make many converts (Daniel 12:3). Far greater rewards go to those that give their lives by taking the lives of none-Muslims. These are the Jihads, soldiers of Allah and they cannot be rehabilitated or transformed into a progressive liberal Western person. They live by the sword and they must die by the sword in order to be rewarded by their god. It is extremely naïve to compare a Jihad with a criminal like a thief or even a murderer. A Jihad does what his law requires while a criminal lives outside the law.

Intellectual and progressive Muslims are not pleased with the Jihad concept. They are convinced that a financially stable and tolerant Islam has a better and faster appeal to the world. They must be exuberant that the U.S.A. and her allies sacrifice lives and material in rehabilitating Islam. They let us believe that a war abroad means no war at home. Think of this: if our resources are exhausted and lives are sacrificed, who will defend us at home? It will be a quiet take over and the banner of the Crescent shall fly in the wind over this land. Jews and Christians will go underground and so will abortionists and alternative life-styles. The prisons shall be emptied and the cemeteries enlarged. No one shall speak against the religion in power.

The erosion of the Hebrew-Christian morality in the U.S.A. echoes the behavior of the people of Israel when they rejected God and demanded a king just to be like other nations (I Sam.8). It is also similar to the time when Jewish leaders chose Caesar over Jesus (John 19:15). Thirty years later, that same generation ceased to exist as a nation (Matthew 24:34). One wonders whether the U. S. A. is in her last generation before a totalitarian religion shall bring this nation to her senses? It is not a political struggle for democracy but a religious conflict for world domination by a progressively rehabilitated Islam – the kind represented by our President. The socialist agenda is merely a camouflage for a higher objective. The country is being rehabilitated just as the President has promised and it is not what Conservatives belief it is. Jesus had this warning, “You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times” (Matthew 16:3).