I am grateful that we have freedom of speech and can argue and debate. I have lived in countries where we could not make public our thoughts. Those that were made public were deliberately twisted to misguide us. The Germans interpreted the American News Media that the U.S.A. would bow out of the conflict and that prolonged the suffering for us for two more years. We were on the verge of ending the war with three mysterious bombs. We know where they ended up with their scientists. We had Ghettos in Poland, but you would not think they already had them in Chicago and New York City. I could tell you a lot more only arguments are fruitless and deceptive.

I am an ordained Christian minister. I took a vow to proclaim Jesus, the Christ and His Message. That means I can share His Proposals with those that are willing to lend an ear. It also means that I cannot argue or debate with people that have no tolerance for Christ or for me. It is far more beneficial to shake off the dust of our shoes and find other prospects (Luke 10:1-12). The Apostle Paul once argued with the Athenians to no avail, had these suggestions, “Turn away from idle chatter and opposing views of what is falsely called knowledge” (I Timothy 6:20). “Slander no one, be peaceable and considerate, and show true humility (respect) toward all men” (Titus 3:2). But avoid controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless” (Titus 3:9).

In the dispute over the law, the religious leaders said to the Roman Governor, “We have a law, and according to that law he (Jesus) must die” (John 19:7). How did Jesus regard the law? Not a dot could be changed (Matthew 5:18) and the leaders had replaced it with their traditions (Mark 7:8). It reminds us of what progressives have done with our Constitution and the History of the U.S.A. I came to the U.S.A. as a student in 1958 and returned as a resident in 1961. The America I chose to be my country at the age of twenty-eight is no longer the same at the age of eighty. Judges and lawmakers have based and are basing their decisions for change on arguments that please certain interests.

The changes that we are facing now are far worse than the ones I left in Europe. When a person is forced to leave God out of his or her public life, that person might as well have died. Without the fear of God that shall hold me accountable, not just for my deeds, but also for every useless word I speak, I would feel no restrained and behave scrupulously towards my fellowmen. When I lived in Poland, Russia, and Germany, we did not dare slander each other as we do in America. Being a clergyman, I blame myself for having painted a loving God that no longer punishes us for our futilities. Did God let us go so another can come and teach us some manners? I am frightened by the rapid decline of a godless morality that is without fear of a Supreme Justice! Are we the Babylon that is about to tumble (Revelation 18)?